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After years of legal pump fakes, Bobby Shmurda has finally come home

Because of the near-mythic way he handled his case and his status as the forefather of New York’s Drill movement, fans are intrigued by his every step. This came to life when Bobby was enjoying his night out and one particular act of Good Samiritan behavior turned into a social media spectacle. 

Although his mother claimed that Bobby would be taking things slow when he got home, the rapper has hit the ground running. He’s been showered with jewels, new clothes, cash, and affection since being released. He also got a chance to check out the new nightlife by like now by hitting the club. This resulted in a video of Bobby Shmurda in a section with a mask and Dior sweater on. As everyone is drinking, they decide to try to hand Bobby a cup of alcohol. But the rapper was quick to deny the drink, considering that he is on parole. 

The concept of parole seemed to fascinate social media users, prompting Bobby to take to Instagram where he explained why he’s not drinking.

Yet, the real attention came from Shmurda being one of the few celebrities to try to follow COVID-19 regulations by properly wearing a mask in the club. As a result, they took to Twitter where the entire exchange turned into a viral moment.