Having laid the foundations with 67's early drill experiments with Carns Hill in 2014, LD is rightly claiming his title as the drill's Godfather. As the scene continues to blossom, making waves across every continent and bringing mainstream success for Headie One, Digga D and many more of LD's contemporaries, the masked rapper has just released his new album, Who's Watching.

Currently, the 67 star finds himself behind bars for a crime he says he didn't commit. "Some of our childhood friends got put on an operation and they all ended up in jail, but at the time I didn't know I was part of the operation as well," he explained in a new interview with VICE. "When my friends got arrested, I already started making music about, like, the whole conspiracy of 67. Then when I got scooped up, I managed to pay for bail and I decided at that time to call [the record] Who's Watching. Because you never know who's watching you. That's what started it."

It's a cruel twist that the very experience that inspired much of the album's content is the very reason he can't enjoy its release to the fullest. However, he's overcome worse (the mask and name-change from Scribz was to circumvent an ASBO) and the new album's already being celebrated as his best to date.

Fittingly, for such a pivotal moment in his life, LD takes the full spotlight here, with the Rue Melo, K-Trap, AJ and S Loud contributing the 11-tracker's only features. Production-wise, he's called on the very top tier of drill's elite, rhyming over instrumentals from Bkay, MKThePlug, Flyo, M1OnTheBeat, NatsGotTracks and Mazza. Balancing out the drill darkness, he's also got productions from more mainstream creators like Show N Prove and Tyrell 169, before closing the album on a poignant note with the producer with whom 67 started their whole journey, Carns Hill.

Hit play on it below and let's hope LD gets to enjoy his freedom and the album's success sooner rather than later.