It’s been over a month since rioters stormed the Capitol after being incited by former president Donald Trump and we are still finding out about the many little dramas that played out inside the halls of Congress.

New video shows that much-lauded Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman had a much more direct role in saving legislators than previously thought. 

While previous accounts of him delaying the mob stressed how his actions helped members of Congress run to safety, new video shows him directly telling Mitt Romney to hide as he ran ahead of the press of Trump supporters. The video was shown at Trump’s second impeachment trial.

Mitt Romney’s son Matt praised Goodman after the footage of his interaction with his father became public.

Following the riot, Goodman was promoted to Acting Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms of the United States Senate, the second-highest ranking police officer in that chamber of Congress. In this new role, Goodman escorted the Second Family during the inauguration on January 20. 

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